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I will resume work on the huge FreeSWITCH Documentation project now that I
have attended to some personal matters. My apologies for leaving things
hanging in the breeze.


I hope to hold more sprints after the New Year turns so please offer your
suggestions of the best days and times for you to help. We are grateful for
however much you can contribute.


I think we should have a short sprint every 2 weeks or even every week only
to copy over the remaining pages from the old wiki to the new Confluence
documentation platform. We can keep each sprint short so it does not take a
lot of time from your work day or personal time while still getting pages
moved over. That is the most important task right now.


Then after all the pages are moved from the old wiki to Confluence we can
have mini-sprints to fix the internal links on each page to point to
Confluence where they currently point to the old wiki. I think a smart
programmer can develop a simple script to scan all Confluence pages to build
a list of all those wiki links so that they can be found and changed
quickly. Then Ken Rice will be very happy to kill the old wiki machine
forever :)


If you have recently joined the FS Docs team, please contact me or an
existing Docs team member to give you access to the Wiki Page Tracker
spreadsheet on Google Docs. That is where you tell the team which pages you
have moved so that we do not duplicate effort. I just learned that any of
the existing spreadsheet editors can add new editors, not just the owner :)
I think it works best if you use a Gmail address for that, but there are
others on the team who use their business domains so it is possible.


Happy Holidays to those who celebrate!





FreeSWITCH Docs Janitor





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