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Ítalo Rossi italo at freeswitch.org
Wed Oct 7 05:00:19 MSD 2015

Hi Pat!

On Tue, Oct 6, 2015 at 1:40 PM, Pat Beirne <patb at apphostcanada.ca> wrote:

> Good afternoon,
> I just joined last last week, and I've been moving some old-wiki stuff
> over.
> I spent some time last Friday on the sprint, and over the weekend I did
> more, so I'm up to about 40 pages. I have some questions before I go
> much further:
> 1) could somebody look at 2-3 of my moves and see if I'm doing it
> correctly?



I do prefer to use code block with title as a summary, like in this page:

We have a page trying to cover the basic guidelines for the docs, take a
look here

Other than that, as we talked in #freeswitch-docs, you're doing a GREAT
JOB, thank you so much!

> 2) I've been using {code for large blocks of external non-config code
> (such as Python, javascript or .xml) and I've been using {noformat for
> the short one-liners. The {noformat is black-text-on-white-rectangle and
> I think it looks better for short snips.....is that ok?

I do prefer to use {code}, if the line is big it'll force the user to
scroll horizontally like this one

> 3) I've written a long-ish page about "how to write an endpoint" "New
> Endpoints" and it's a child under "New Modules". Could somebody please
> skim it and see if it's appropriate for this doc repository? It's
> written informally, with lots of 2nd person "you should" and "you can"
> phrases; I can clean that up if neeeded. Currently this page is visible
> to -doc and -dev members only. I hope to release it to the public in a
> day or so, but I'd like some feedback first. And ideally, if a -dev
> person could skim it and see if it's technically correct. Please.

We'll review soon.

> 4) There are lots of references to the source code, and I'd like to add
> hyperlinks to the source-api pages. I see that some other authors have
> managed to do that with crazy links like
> http://docs.freeswitch.org/structswitch__io__routines.html#2fac41d9629ee59aea0739d14b195e69
> where the anchor name is some kind of hash. Is there a way for me (as
> docs author) to find and use these anchor-ed links? Will the links
> change the next time the dev run Doxygen?

Not sure...

I think this doc is a little outdated, not sure if we should link to it.
Can you send me the page that is linking to this?

> Like I said, I'll hold off doing more bulk moves until I hear back on
> topic 1) above.  And I'll keep that "New Endpoints" page hidden until I
> hear feedback on 3) above.
> Many thanks.

Keep up with the good job.

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> Pat Beirne
> AppHostCanada
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