[Freeswitch-docs] Some help for a newbie pleae

Pat Beirne patb at apphostcanada.ca
Tue Oct 6 20:40:56 MSD 2015

Good afternoon,

I just joined last last week, and I've been moving some old-wiki stuff

I spent some time last Friday on the sprint, and over the weekend I did
more, so I'm up to about 40 pages. I have some questions before I go
much further:

1) could somebody look at 2-3 of my moves and see if I'm doing it correctly?

2) I've been using {code for large blocks of external non-config code
(such as Python, javascript or .xml) and I've been using {noformat for
the short one-liners. The {noformat is black-text-on-white-rectangle and
I think it looks better for short snips.....is that ok?

3) I've written a long-ish page about "how to write an endpoint" "New
Endpoints" and it's a child under "New Modules". Could somebody please
skim it and see if it's appropriate for this doc repository? It's
written informally, with lots of 2nd person "you should" and "you can"
phrases; I can clean that up if neeeded. Currently this page is visible
to -doc and -dev members only. I hope to release it to the public in a
day or so, but I'd like some feedback first. And ideally, if a -dev
person could skim it and see if it's technically correct. Please.

4) There are lots of references to the source code, and I'd like to add
hyperlinks to the source-api pages. I see that some other authors have
managed to do that with crazy links like
where the anchor name is some kind of hash. Is there a way for me (as
docs author) to find and use these anchor-ed links? Will the links
change the next time the dev run Doxygen?

Like I said, I'll hold off doing more bulk moves until I hear back on
topic 1) above.  And I'll keep that "New Endpoints" page hidden until I
hear feedback on 3) above.
Many thanks.

Pat Beirne

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