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Brandon Armstead brandon at cryy.com
Wed Sep 17 20:06:20 MSD 2014


    I would like to see a focus on the power of mod_xml_curl, mission
critical / high performance / high availability / environments and
solutions.  As always real world scenarios and implementations of
such.  Also I could also write about Kamailio/Freeswitch in parallel
and harmony.

One other focus point I personally think could be stronger is
debugging with Freeswitch -- something I still am improving / find
somewhat difficult at times to track down issues on live systems when
unable to reproduce the issue easily in a development environment.

i.e. I could be wrong but I think the distinction between fsctl
loglevel, fsctl debug_level, and console loglevel in itself are not
explicitly clear in the documentation I've read.  Maybe just making a
few small things like this more obvious and covering real world
debugging scenarios and problems / dialplan / solutions.

Brandon Armstead

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