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Andre Demattia andretodd at verizon.net
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How about real world programming FreeSWITCH.

Programming FreeSWITCH from basics to professional.

 Most of the programming books I've read have a common program per chapter. Each chapter builds upon each other. And at the end you have a working application.

The theme could be building a soft switch. (part 2 could be an IVR)

Items to include:

Gateways- add gateway via code
Dial plan- lcr, limit, etc
CDRs (putting it together) maybe the pop code as an alternative 
Show how to create a module/ app

Show the examples in the most popular language
C, JavaScript and C# and have a download section for the examples for each chapter.

Last few chapters could be how to use a ram drive or connecting to a database.

Performance tuning tips and expectations of performance.

Maybe include the most common questions asked on the forum. And a blurbed about load balancers like opensip.

Just my two cents.

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If you are interested in helping to author the book or not;  Use this
thread to suggest some key topics you feel the book should cover.

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> Hi,
> We've been asked by packt to produce a 3rd book called "Mastering
> Would anyone be interested in working on the authoring of that book and
> get their name in print?
> We need help with creating the content as well as formatting the text into
> the word templates they require etc.
> Please contact consulting at freeswitch.org if you are interested.
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