[Freeswitch-dev] Disconnect cause FTDM_CAUSE_SUBSCRIBER_ABSENT problem

David Yat Sin dyatsin at sangoma.com
Mon Mar 12 22:55:26 MSK 2012

Hi Juraj,
It looks like cause = 20 is not in the list of allowed values inside
libsng_isdn. Cause 20 is valid, so this is a bug.

Can you create a ticket on JIRA, project=FreeTDM for this, and assign it
to me (David Yat Sin).


  David Yat Sin
  Senior Software Engineer
  dyatsin at sangoma.com
  Sangoma Technologies
  100 Renfrew Drive, Suite 100,
  Markham, ON L3R 9R6 Canada

On 12-03-07 12:10 PM, "Juraj Fabo" <juraj.fabo at gmail.com> wrote:

>I'm experiencing problem when my application needs to send disconnect
>request with disconnect cause FTDM_CAUSE_SUBSCRIBER_ABSENT = 20
>I've tested also various disconnect causes around this value (No
>Answer from User(19), Invalid Number Format(28), Destination
>Out-of-Order(27), Number Changed(22))
>and all of those were properly sent in form of DISCONNECT message, e.g.
>[LM_DEB] (140287917455120) libfreetdm [SNGISDN Q931] wp1 FRAME OUTGOING:
>  Prot Disc:Q.931/I.451 (0x08)
>  Call Ref:0001 (Destination side)
>  Type:DISCONNECT (0x45)
>  Cause:coding:ITU-T(0) location:Private network, local user(1) val:No
>Answer from User(19)
>  [ 08 02 80 01 45 08 02 81 93 ]
>However, when trying to send the disconnect request with cause
>FTDM_CAUSE_SUBSCRIBER_ABSENT(20) there is no DISCONNECT message sent,
>but the RELEASE message with incorrect IE as follows
>libfreetdm [s1c30][1:31] Hanging up call upon local request!
>libfreetdm [s1c30][1:31] Sending DISCONNECT with cause 20
>libfreetdm [s1c30][1:31] Sending DISCONNECT (suId:1 suInstId:2 spInstId:2)
>libfreetdm [s1c30][1:31] Completed state change from PROCEED to HANGUP in
>libfreetdm [s1c30][1:31] Changed state from HANGUP to HANGUP_COMPLETE
>libfreetdm [s1c30][1:31] Executing state processor for HANGUP_COMPLETE
>libfreetdm [s1c30][1:31] processing state change to HANGUP_COMPLETE
>libfreetdm [s1c30][1:31] Waiting for release from stack
>libfreetdm [s1c30][1:31] Completed state change from HANGUP to
>hangup with cause 20
>libfreetdm [SNGISDN Q931] wp1 FRAME OUTGOING:
>   Prot Disc:Q.931/I.451 (0x08)
>   Call Ref:0001 (Destination side)
>   Type:RELEASE (0x4d)
>   Cause:coding:ITU-T(0) location:User(0) val:Unknown(0)
>[ 08 02 80 01 4d 08 04 00 80 e4 08 ]
>Please, is the FTDM_CAUSE_SUBSCRIBER_ABSENT handled in some special
>way in the libsng_isgn.so?
>My environment is as : freetdm from the git of 1st Feb 2012,
>libsng_isgn.7.14.2, wanpipe-3.5.24, sangoma a104d quadcard.
>Thank you in advance
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