[Freeswitch-dev] Disconnect cause FTDM_CAUSE_SUBSCRIBER_ABSENT problem

Juraj Fabo juraj.fabo at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 20:10:02 MSK 2012


I'm experiencing problem when my application needs to send disconnect
request with disconnect cause FTDM_CAUSE_SUBSCRIBER_ABSENT = 20
I've tested also various disconnect causes around this value (No
Answer from User(19), Invalid Number Format(28), Destination
Out-of-Order(27), Number Changed(22))
and all of those were properly sent in form of DISCONNECT message, e.g.

[LM_DEB] (140287917455120) libfreetdm [SNGISDN Q931] wp1 FRAME OUTGOING:
  Prot Disc:Q.931/I.451 (0x08)
  Call Ref:0001 (Destination side)
  Type:DISCONNECT (0x45)
  Cause:coding:ITU-T(0) location:Private network, local user(1) val:No
Answer from User(19)
  [ 08 02 80 01 45 08 02 81 93 ]

However, when trying to send the disconnect request with cause
but the RELEASE message with incorrect IE as follows

libfreetdm [s1c30][1:31] Hanging up call upon local request!
libfreetdm [s1c30][1:31] Sending DISCONNECT with cause 20
libfreetdm [s1c30][1:31] Sending DISCONNECT (suId:1 suInstId:2 spInstId:2)
libfreetdm [s1c30][1:31] Completed state change from PROCEED to HANGUP in 0ms
libfreetdm [s1c30][1:31] Changed state from HANGUP to HANGUP_COMPLETE
libfreetdm [s1c30][1:31] Executing state processor for HANGUP_COMPLETE
libfreetdm [s1c30][1:31] processing state change to HANGUP_COMPLETE
libfreetdm [s1c30][1:31] Waiting for release from stack
libfreetdm [s1c30][1:31] Completed state change from HANGUP to
hangup with cause 20
libfreetdm [SNGISDN Q931] wp1 FRAME OUTGOING:
   Prot Disc:Q.931/I.451 (0x08)
   Call Ref:0001 (Destination side)
   Type:RELEASE (0x4d)
   Cause:coding:ITU-T(0) location:User(0) val:Unknown(0)
[ 08 02 80 01 4d 08 04 00 80 e4 08 ]

Please, is the FTDM_CAUSE_SUBSCRIBER_ABSENT handled in some special
way in the libsng_isgn.so?

My environment is as : freetdm from the git of 1st Feb 2012,
libsng_isgn.7.14.2, wanpipe-3.5.24, sangoma a104d quadcard.

Thank you in advance


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