[Freeswitch-dev] ODBC pooling

Erjan Tylepov e.tylepov at btcom.kz
Sun Mar 11 09:39:57 MSK 2012

Hi all,

Do I correctly understand, that mod_nibblebill (as of Feb 17 commit: b05ca56adf2dd8f9b0bbf114827de98aec8313ae) have a bottle neck with db connections? I.e. when there will be a number of calls bill_event and get_balance functions will hangup until after all the threads, executing the functions, will do their jobs with db or, even worse, negatively influence each other?

Is this sequence is a right one in the aforesaid functions:
switch_odbc_handle_exec (in bill_event)
switch_odbc_statement_handle_free (in bill_event)
switch_odbc_handle_callback_exec (in get_balance)

If yes, where can I set pool size?


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