[Freeswitch-dev] How to route a single channel to multiple conference rooms...

Paul Cupis paul at cupis.co.uk
Thu Mar 17 21:04:08 MSK 2011

On 17/03/11 17:31, Jean-Pierre Poulin wrote:
> However... trying to go about understanding how to bridge two conference rooms, 
> I'm having difficulty in finding the cli commands that could do this... could 
> you give me a hint in the right direction?

You want to do something like:

  conference conf#2 dial conf#1

So your dialplan allows people into conf#1 via, say:


and conf#2 is number 1002

  conference 1002 dial sofia/default/conference1

There are more details in the wiki:


These commands are not final, it does depend on your local
configuration, also I've not taken into account the requirements to mute
one leg of the joining calls.


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