[Freeswitch-dev] How to route a single channel to multiple conference rooms...

Jean-Pierre Poulin jeanpierrepoulin at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 17 20:31:37 MSK 2011

Hi Paul, thanks for your feedback and idea.  I think it could work. I did not 
know conference rooms could be linked together by a channel.

However... trying to go about understanding how to bridge two conference rooms, 
I'm having difficulty in finding the cli commands that could do this... could 
you give me a hint in the right direction?

I would understand how to do this if I could create a one-legged call, park it, 
create another one-legged call, park it and use uuid_bridge or uuid_transfer to 
set both ends between two conference rooms to bridge them together, but the part 
I'm struggling with is during the call creation: the only type of calls I know 
how to make are to registered endpoints like a SIP phone, but in this case these 
have no value as the final endpoint for both legs have to be conference rooms.

Put differently... do you know how to go about connecting two conference rooms 
together?  A few of the many silly things I've tried:
- conference 3000- dial conference:3001- at default inline
- conference 3000- dial conference:3001- 
- conference 3000- dial sofia/internal/3001- conference 
3000- dial 3001- at default inline 

- conference 3000- dial 3001-

Which basically all give errors that the recipient is either not registered, or 
'cannot blind transfer to 1 legged call'

Any ideas anyone?


>Have you considered this model:
>Caller S calls into conference #1
>Conference #2,#3,#4 are connected to conference #1.

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