[Freeswitch-dev] Would like to create and contribute a module "mod_cdr_logic"

Vitalii Colosov vetali100 at gmail.com
Wed May 26 03:00:09 PDT 2010

Hi Nazim,

mod_xml_cdr is able to send CDR to apache server, and I was using it
successfully until I created the module that writes CDRs directly into the
database. I thought to add some business logic ability and share with the

I am sure your idea will also find many grateful users.

Personally from my side, I wanted to completely avoid using any HTTP servers
(many reasons, bottom line - it's just not REALLY needed for such task in
many implementations).

I think I will continue working in this direction and it will find some
users (like me) who will also use it.
The only problem here I see is performance - maybe it will not be suitable
for really LARGE implementations.

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