[Freeswitch-dev] Implement Javascript setGlobalVariable() optional third parameter

David Swardstrom dswardstrom at remotelink.com
Fri May 21 08:58:37 PDT 2010

I am developing FreeSwitch Javascript capability to emulate some functionality that is currently provided by a Dialogic based proprietary system running on Microsoft Windows, originally using ISDN interfaces and then ported to Sip based VoIP capability.
This system uses external post-processing code that processes "event" type data for billing and other purposes and I need to provide equivalent event data.
As part of this effort, I need a counter that is guarantied unique when there is a possibility that multiple calls may access the counter. The proprietary code, this unique counter is provided by using InterlockedIncrement().

Looking at the available JavaScript code, it appears that using getGlobalVariable() and setGlobalVariable() as described in the SetGlobalVar Wiki page would allow me to do this as long as I was willing to allow holes in the count.

However, I decided to look at the code to see exactly what was being done to implement this. I found was that there was no code at all to implement the 3rd optional parameter.

I would like to implement this capability but extend the capability to truly provide a unique counter. To accomplish this, support must be provided by the switch core.

I would like to provide a new routine into switch_core.c:
<Following is the text for switch_core.h>
  \brief Conditionally add a global variable to the core
  \param varname the name of the variable
  \param value the value of the variable
  \param val2 the value of the variable to verify against
  \     If the global did not exist and val2=="", add global with value, return true
  \     If the global exists with the value of val2, replace it, return true
  \     If the global exists with a value other than val2, return false
SWITCH_DECLARE(switch_bool_t) switch_core_set_var_conditional(_In_z_ const char *varname, _In_opt_z_ const char *value, _In_opt_z_ const char *val2);

Then the code in mod_spidermonkey.c can be modified to use this new switch core capability.

Note: I have implemented this in my local version and have tested it.

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