[Freeswitch-dev] Attended Call Transfer

Suneel Papineni Suneel.Papineni at mettoni.com
Fri Mar 12 08:37:38 PST 2010



I am trying to establish an attended call transfer scenario as follows:


A call is made from extension1 to FSComm (Call 1) and is answered. Now
another call is made from FSComm to extension2 and is answered (Call 2).
I want to transfer the call between extension1 and extension2. For this
I tried to use "uuid_bridge" command at FSComm and is issued through
event sockets to FSComm as: 

"api uuid_bridge <A-leg Unique-id of Call1> <B-Leg Unique-id of Call

This connected both the extensions and FSComm is out of loop for RTP.
This achieved call transfer feature, but my issue is as follows.


When I saw number of calls at FSComm (using "api show calls" command),
it has shown 0 calls, that is correct. Where as when I look for number
of channels (using "api show channels" command), it displayed as 2 with
details of current call between two extensions (i.e. A-leg of Call 1 and
B-leg of Call 2). It means FSComm didn't come out of loop completely and
is occupying the two channels. 


Could you please let me know how can I make FSComm to come out of loop
completely, so that I can accept/make another call at FSComm from/to
different extension. (I tried to kill the channel at FSComm, but this is
clearing the call between extensions completely)


I tried to use "uuid_deflect" command, but that is useful in Blind
transfer and not in attended transfer. Also tried with "uuid_transfer"
command but failed to achieve.


Could someone please let me know if there is any other method to achieve
this attended transfer scenario.


Thanks & Regards



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