[Freeswitch-dev] mod lua session:bridged() not implemented?

Michael Collins msc at freeswitch.org
Tue Mar 9 11:32:34 PST 2010

On Mon, Mar 8, 2010 at 10:06 AM, rentmycoder rentmycoder <
rentmycoder at gmail.com> wrote:

> Yes you are absolutelly right, maybe I might be looking at the wrong
> tool...
> I have tried several approaches but haven't found the right one...
> I don't only need to detect if a call was answered, but I need also to
> detect and log the failure cause
> in case the call was not answered. Which usually can be found in the
> originate_disposition variable...
> If I use a socket command:
> "bgapi originate
> {ignore_early_media=true,originate_timeout=10,api_hangup_hook='luarun
> cc.lua predictive_hangup'}sofia/gateway/gwname/13246789 9999"
> I cannot detect the originate_disposition variable in
> predictive_hangup() in lua, becouse the session is nil after hangup...
> I think I should start dialing out from the dialplan, but in this case
> how to call to the dialplan using sockets?
> I've tried:
> "bgapi originate {phoneno=13246789}loopback/9999"
> with no success...
> What do you suggest?
> Is it possible to get this working only with 2 call legs???

It's been a while but I did this with two call legs a few years back. I was
using OpenZAP but the principles are the same: use the dialplan to process
the calls and if the call is answered you launch a script (or in my case,
transfer to a different dp extension) otherwise you wait for the call to
timeout.  It might be easier to discuss this in realtime on IRC, or you
could call the public conference tomorrow and after the main agenda and
Mathieu's mod_sofia presentation there will be an open floor for people to
ask questions and discuss FreeSWITCH topics.
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