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Its a quite embarrassing to admit that i could completed that work, not even
able to submit what was done to FS trunk due to my own stupidity. Actually,
we are having major power crisis in the country for last 1 years and most of
power cuts are so long that even best UPS systems can't ensure 24/7 up time
for our servers. About 3 months ago the development server i was working on
for FS Docs was hit by this problem and its hard disk crashed, destroying
all my hard work on FS Docs and mod_msn. It was my mistake that i didn't
arrange for proper backup for my work due to shortage of resources and
didn't inform the FS developers community about the loss.

I want to restart this work but don't want to take the lead on this due to
issues described above. If you can arrange a common server for FS docs
development then i can submit my work to you which you can test on this dev
server before committing it to FS Trunk.

Second option is that i work on a single file, test it on my laptop and
immediately submit it to FS trunk. But this could cause problem for end
users (developers using FS doxygen docs) as many hyper links connected to
undocumented files won't work till their docs are done and uploaded.

We also need to decide on,

1. What Doxygen version to use? i use Archlinux which has the latest 1.6.x
version, I can downgrade it to 1.4.x.
2. What format of documentation to adopt? I think currently we have HTML
format only, but Doxygen can also generate PDF and CHM formats.

Thank you.

On Mon, Feb 22, 2010 at 9:00 AM, Yossi Neiman <
freeswitch at cartissolutions.com> wrote:

> I am not sure how many folks make use of the Doxygen documentation.  I
> know I do all the time.  I find that it provides a nice conceptual view
> of FreeSWITCH's API, which can make it very easy to find the functions
> and data types needed for writing modules for FreeSWITCH.
> A person by the name of Mohammad Shahzad (apologies if I misspelled it)
> started to do a lot of work on revamping the Doxygen configuration for
> FreeSWITCH a few months back.  The problem with the work that he did was
> that he used Doxygen 1.6.x specific configuration parameters that are
> not understood by the Doxygen 1.4.x tree (which is what we currently use
> in FreeSWITCH) or even the 1.5.x tree which is what is in Slackware.  In
> my discussions with Michael Collins we have decided that it might not
> hurt to go ahead and move the Doxygen version forward to match the 1.6.x
> tree.
> We are looking for somebody who has interest in working with the Doxygen
> configuration to continue the work that Mohammad had started and to help
> the project out.  If you are such a person, please contact me off-list
> and I can provide further information.
> Thanks!
> Yossi Neiman
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