[Freeswitch-dev] Doxygen help

Yossi Neiman freeswitch at cartissolutions.com
Sun Feb 21 20:00:05 PST 2010

I am not sure how many folks make use of the Doxygen documentation.  I 
know I do all the time.  I find that it provides a nice conceptual view 
of FreeSWITCH's API, which can make it very easy to find the functions 
and data types needed for writing modules for FreeSWITCH.

A person by the name of Mohammad Shahzad (apologies if I misspelled it) 
started to do a lot of work on revamping the Doxygen configuration for 
FreeSWITCH a few months back.  The problem with the work that he did was 
that he used Doxygen 1.6.x specific configuration parameters that are 
not understood by the Doxygen 1.4.x tree (which is what we currently use 
in FreeSWITCH) or even the 1.5.x tree which is what is in Slackware.  In 
my discussions with Michael Collins we have decided that it might not 
hurt to go ahead and move the Doxygen version forward to match the 1.6.x 

We are looking for somebody who has interest in working with the Doxygen 
configuration to continue the work that Mohammad had started and to help 
the project out.  If you are such a person, please contact me off-list 
and I can provide further information.


Yossi Neiman

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