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Mon Feb 22 08:22:42 PST 2010

On Mon, Feb 22, 2010 at 2:00 AM, Muhammad Shahzad <
shaheryarkh at googlemail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Its a quite embarrassing to admit that i could completed that work, not
> even able to submit what was done to FS trunk due to my own stupidity.
> Actually, we are having major power crisis in the country for last 1 years
> and most of power cuts are so long that even best UPS systems can't ensure
> 24/7 up time for our servers. About 3 months ago the development server i
> was working on for FS Docs was hit by this problem and its hard disk
> crashed, destroying all my hard work on FS Docs and mod_msn. It was my
> mistake that i didn't arrange for proper backup for my work due to shortage
> of resources and didn't inform the FS developers community about the loss.
> I want to restart this work but don't want to take the lead on this due to
> issues described above. If you can arrange a common server for FS docs
> development then i can submit my work to you which you can test on this dev
> server before committing it to FS Trunk.
> Second option is that i work on a single file, test it on my laptop and
> immediately submit it to FS trunk. But this could cause problem for end
> users (developers using FS doxygen docs) as many hyper links connected to
> undocumented files won't work till their docs are done and uploaded.
> We also need to decide on,
> 1. What Doxygen version to use? i use Archlinux which has the latest 1.6.x
> version, I can downgrade it to 1.4.x.
> 2. What format of documentation to adopt? I think currently we have HTML
> format only, but Doxygen can also generate PDF and CHM formats.
> Thank you.
> If there is a compelling reason to use 1.6 then let's use it, but if not
let's just stick with 1.4. As far as formats, HTML is definitely the most
useful. I don't know that PDF or CHM is very useful for this kind of thing.

Thanks! And sorry to hear about your computer and power woes. Hope you
recover soon.
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