[Freeswitch-dev] [Freeswitch-users] VMWare voice quality

Ken Rice krice at suspicious.org
Thu Jan 15 13:01:45 PST 2009

Ok if can summarize a little of the intention of releasing this VMWare
image. Its really there so you guys can get it and check it out. I
personally don't believe in running such services on a virtual machine (too
many nightmare stories from the 'day job' from such things)

However, for testing and developing applications that ride on top of
FreeSWITCH, this is a quick way to get up and running.

Remember Voice application especially where you are interacting with the
media streams will be affected by latency and jitter much more readily then
store and forward things like IRC, Web, eMail and instant messaging.


On 1/15/09 2:12 PM, "Gregory Boehnlein" <damin at nacs.net> wrote:

> That won't eliminate the problem. Just reduce the possibility of it
> happening.
> Trust me... I've got a large ESX infrastructure, and there is no way that a
> software based Voice platform is going to provide skip free audio in a
> virtualized environment.

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