[Freeswitch-dev] FS send re-invite about every minutes, is there a way to disable it?

Mathieu Rene mrene_lists at avgs.ca
Thu Feb 26 19:23:14 PST 2009


This is called session timers, its sent out to make sure the call is  
still active. Since SIP is UDP-based, if the UA is unplugged, the call  
would just stay active.

You can look in your UA's settings to see if you can make that longer  
or disable it.

If you do a SIP trace, look for the "Session-Expires" header. (Should  
be like: Session-Expires: <nbr of seconds>).

When FS performs an outbound call, this is controlled by the session- 
timeout parameter in the sip profile.
Eg: <param name="session-timeout" value="120"/>


On 26-Feb-09, at 10:12 PM, seven wrote:

> Hi,
> The recent version of FS( I think I  had notice that also on 1.0.1
> stable version) seems sends out an INVITE msg every minute when I
> originate a call from a SIPUA(say X-Lite), then the SIPUA will respond
> 200 OK with SDP msg. There's no problem with X-Lite but some bad SIPUA
> can send bad responding msg and will cause FS hangup the call said
> "Malformed Session Description".
> I know it's not FS's problem, but I don't understand why it send the
> INVITE(a re-INVITE?) every minute? is there a way to disable it?
> btw, it only happens when you originate a call from a SIPUA, I
> originate from FS(originate sofia/defaut/1000 &echo) doesn't get re-
> INVITE msg.
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