[Freeswitch-dev] FreeSwitch Builds

Matthew Kaufman matthew at matthew.at
Fri Oct 24 16:47:03 EDT 2008

Robert Clayton wrote:
> Thanks Michael.
> Judging from Mr. Minessale's remark I appeared insulting or at the least too
> demanding. No insult was intended. ...
I'll just tell you here on the list what several people helpfully filled 
me in on privately after Mr. Minessale responded to *my* first posting 
to the list: he has a tendency to vent, and to take criticism of his 
software as an insult on his person or manhood. You'll be happiest if 
you ignore it rather than attempt repeatedly to apologize, since any 
apology will be ripped up as insincere or insufficiently placating.

Just remember that he writes software for himself, and is nice enough to 
have designed it better than the predecessor (Asterisk), publish the 
source code, and license it such that you too can use it if you find it 
useful... he isn't writing it for you (no matter what he might say), and 
your support options are to post a question here and get redirected to 
the IRC group (so there's no mailing list archive of the solution) or go 
hang out in the IRC group where approximately 99% of the content is 
about what is "bitchin" and what is "gay" and 1% of the content is 
useful technical exchanges about the software, at least as of the last 
time I stopped by or perused the IRC archives.

That said, there's a whole lot of other very polite and friendly folks 
in the community who read the list and are very happy to help newcomers, 
no matter what their skill level, so I expect that people who can 
actually help you will respond privately and you'll be able to make 
progress. If not, there's always "figure it out yourself" or "find 
another platform" as your choices.

Matthew Kaufman
matthew at matthew.at

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