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Agreed!  I like the magic of channel variables showing up in the XML.
It has made my life worth living compared to the hellishness of CDRs in




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That would be possible.

The best bet is to first exhaust anything you can't do reasonable with
what we currently have and then see what we have left to add.  The time
stamp on the app log is probably pretty trivial so we can look at adding

For other stuff, remember that anything you set as a channel variable
will magically end up in the CDR so keep that in mind when figuring it

On Sat, Jun 28, 2008 at 2:44 PM, Michael Collins
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Is this something that FreeSWITCH can do with the XML CDRs?  Just
curious.  If it's possible to store the time of key DTMF received in the
XML CDR then that would be awesome.  The other thing I was thinking
about was the list of apps that get stored in the XML.  Is it
possible/realistic to have not only the list of applications but also a
timestamp for each one?  That would allow one to calculate the amount of
time spent in things like IVR menus, listening to message playbacks,

This kind of feature would allow us to snag all sorts of IVR-builders.
Asterisk's handling of this kind of information is pathetic.  FS is
*way* better for gathering this kind of info.


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Thanks Anselm

Its true that is a lot of calls but i have a separate mysql database on
different server (HP DL580G5 with 16cores). what am currently doing is
capturing the information right after selection and insert that record
into mySql.

; Macro that feeds data into mysql through perl script:
; ${ARG1} - MSISDN
; ${ARG2} - src
; ${ARG3} - MainMenu Application
; ${ARG4} - Channel
; ${ARG5} - calldatetime
; ${ARG6} - Sub Menu Application
exten => s,1,System(/var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/capture.pl ${ARG1} ${ARG2}
${ARG3} ${ARG4} ${ARG5} ${ARG6})

;       This menu is aimed to provide user with info about data services
offered by Vodacom, including
;       1 - SUBMenu 1
;       2 - SUBMenu 2
;       3 - SUBMenu 3
;       4 - SUBMenu 4
exten =>
exten => 1,n,Background(IVR/(1110) MENU 1)

exten => 2,1,Macro(sendsms,${MSISDN},1,${LANGUAGE})
exten =>
exten => 2,n,Background(IVR/(1120) MENU 2)

what i will also want to capture is how long a caller took to listen to

It should be noted that CDR doesnot capture such detailed info (Tzafrir)

> On Sat, Jun 28, 2008 at 03:37:56PM +0200, Anselm Martin Hoffmeister
>> Am Samstag, den 28.06.2008, 08:15 -0500 schrieb
research at businesstz.com:
>> > Hi List
>> >
>> > I have build an IVR on Asterisk from 1.2 to now 1.4.18 and has
>> > processed more than 10million calls!
>> >
>> > I have one big challenge which is reporting... it is the
>> to
>> > have a web reporting module which should the following info based
>> > selected time frame
>> > - Number of calls on specific branch- Done
>> > - Number of calls to branch 1 that came from  branch 2 (this should
>> > flexible)
>> > - talktime on specified branch (say how long caller listened to
>> 1
>> > before choosing option 2 or hangup)
>> >
>> > On IVR, it is so important to understand how many callers select a
>> > specific branch and how long they spent on that branch. CDR stats
>> not
>> > provide these type of information and on trying freepbx, still can
>> go
>> > so detailed
>> Dear Kili,
>> in my opinion this is a good application for Database backends. You
>> could, for example, write entries to a DB whenever someone presses a
>> (or is re-routed in the dialplan, which comes to a similar scheme).
>> data mining time some SQL logic can produce nearly any data you want,
>> provided the input data is there.
>> Millions of calls sounds a lot though, so be sure to have a
>> database backend: The asterisk included one might be a bit on the
>> side here.
>> This is just an idea, I did not implement anything the like (yet).
> Asterisk already has this separate database backend: CDR.
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