[Freeswitch-dev] The Beginners Hurdle

Brian West brian at freeswitch.org
Fri Aug 15 10:33:57 EDT 2008

	If you like you can join #freeswitch and we can help you with  
anything you need.  This way we help you... and you improve  
documentation and it helps everyone in the project moving forward.  I  
honestly do not consider it mundane to help someone thats new to  
FreeSWITCH.   btw Welcome to the party! ;)

PS: thats irc.freenode.net

On Aug 15, 2008, at 9:19 AM, Robert Clayton wrote:

> FreeSwitch is an incredible project and I wish I had the knowledge
> that the developers have in communications.
> But coming from the position of someone without such a background I
> find the lack of simple progression of working examples a deterrent to
> applying FreeSwitch.
> 500+ pages of documentation, though very useful due to the dynamics of
> improving code, becomes obsolete, and pages produced by highly
> knowledgeable persons, even though accurate, often use abbreviations
> and terms obvious to them providing no description or reference to any
> glossary. Again a large hurdle to beginners.
> Now perhaps I misunderstand the difficulty in developing and
> maintaining a progressive set of examples, as this seems to be a
> common problem in open-source projects. But beginners are often
> intimidated and loose heart as it appears that accomplished users
> consider this necessary technological Darwinism.
> Note: I find the developers helpful but have not wished to bother them
> with questions that may be mundane but I have not found assistance
> from the users group.
> I would be willing to attempt to develop and "maintain" a series of
> "working" examples (and educational explanations) with a logical
> progression from simple to more complex.
> Initially Windows would be my preferred platform but Linux
> requirements would next need to be addressed.
> If there were a single set of progressive examples that those who are
> willing to help perfect could focus on all users would be advantaged
> and questions could become more focused and less redundant.
> Initially I would suggest developing:
> 1) A list of common FreeSwitch functionality.
> 2) Determine the most functional implementation (Lua, Postgre SQL,  
> etc.)
> 2) Develop "working" examples beginning with simple functionality
> incrementally adding functionality.
> Any patient takers?
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