[Freeswitch-dev] The Beginners Hurdle

Robert Clayton rjcajax at gmail.com
Fri Aug 15 10:19:20 EDT 2008

FreeSwitch is an incredible project and I wish I had the knowledge
that the developers have in communications.
But coming from the position of someone without such a background I
find the lack of simple progression of working examples a deterrent to
applying FreeSwitch.

500+ pages of documentation, though very useful due to the dynamics of
improving code, becomes obsolete, and pages produced by highly
knowledgeable persons, even though accurate, often use abbreviations
and terms obvious to them providing no description or reference to any
glossary. Again a large hurdle to beginners.

Now perhaps I misunderstand the difficulty in developing and
maintaining a progressive set of examples, as this seems to be a
common problem in open-source projects. But beginners are often
intimidated and loose heart as it appears that accomplished users
consider this necessary technological Darwinism.

Note: I find the developers helpful but have not wished to bother them
with questions that may be mundane but I have not found assistance
from the users group.

I would be willing to attempt to develop and "maintain" a series of
"working" examples (and educational explanations) with a logical
progression from simple to more complex.
Initially Windows would be my preferred platform but Linux
requirements would next need to be addressed.

If there were a single set of progressive examples that those who are
willing to help perfect could focus on all users would be advantaged
and questions could become more focused and less redundant.

Initially I would suggest developing:
1) A list of common FreeSwitch functionality.
2) Determine the most functional implementation (Lua, Postgre SQL, etc.)
2) Develop "working" examples beginning with simple functionality
incrementally adding functionality.

Any patient takers?

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