[Freeswitch-dev] OpenZAP/Q.931 question

Jan Berger janvb at caselaboratories.com
Mon Nov 5 07:20:30 EST 2007

Hi MC,

08 - Protocol Discriminator Q.931
02 - CRV header- CRV length is 2 octets
00 00 - CRV Send from Originating side.
46 - Message Type RESTART

As the error message says - illegal CRV.

RESTART uses the global CRV, so the message should have been



Simply - RESTART don't use a CRV because you don't restart a call. You
restart an Interface - Calls are RELEASED.

And I don't think FreeSWITCH support the later anyway, so we need to fix


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This one's probably for MikeJ...

I am testing out the PRI on OpenZAP.  My carrier doesn't support DMS100
so I'm using an Asterisk box to act as my telco.  I'm set up on Asterisk
with pri_net signaling in Zapata.conf, using the 24th channel as the D
channel.  I'm pretty sure that the D channels are communicating because
I'm getting an error on the actual data sent.

Here's what I see when I start up FS:
2007-11-02 22:39:46 [DEBUG] zap_isdn.c:223 zap_isdn_921_23() READ 13
[08 02 00 00 46 18 03 a9 83 82 79 01 80]

2007-11-02 22:39:46 [DEBUG] zap_isdn.c:227 zap_isdn_921_23() 931 parse
error [-3012] [Q931E_INVALID_CRV]

If I read my Q931 specs properly, the data being sent over in this case
is a RESTART (the 46 in 5th octet).  

Question: does the parse error indicate a setup issue or do you think
possibly that Asterisk isn't necessarily a good way to emulate a telco
PRI circuit?  On a DMS100, what would the proper RESTART string look
like coming from telco?


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