[Freeswitch-dev] SNMP Discussion.

janvb at caselaboratories.com janvb at caselaboratories.com
Fri Feb 23 13:23:19 EST 2007

First and doremost alarms.

Any alarm raised by any module/application. And I would like a config 
option in FreeSWITCH where I could format how Alarms where printed out. 
Meaning that if I in the stack raise a LOS/LOF I want to see it in SNMP 
in a confugurable format. There should also be a filtering mechanisme 
where I in a module can raise an alarm with a alarm no etc, and in 
config decide what severity and processing this alarm will receive 
(Ignore, Log, SNMP, email etc). The issue is that many maintenance 
departments have big display boards where alarms with major or critical 
severity is shown. Some of this might already be in here?


Brian West wrote:
> FreeSWITCHer's,
>     I'm going to fire up a discussion about SNMP and its usage in 
> FreeSWITCH.  What things would you want to perform or monitor via snmp 
> in FreeSWITCH?  I have a basic module that acts as a subagent now that 
> can get the session count but we are looking at a way to let modules 
> register handlers dynamically.  Also if anyone wants to assist in 
> writing the MIB please do so... my mind goes numb looking at those 
> things :P
> Thanks,
> Brian West
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