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Trixter aka Bret McDanel trixter at 0xdecafbad.com
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On 2/23/07, janvb at caselaboratories.com <janvb at caselaboratories.com> wrote:
>  First and doremost alarms.
> Any alarm raised by any module/application. And I would like a config
> option in FreeSWITCH where I could format how Alarms where printed out.
> Meaning that if I in the stack raise a LOS/LOF I want to see it in SNMP in a
> confugurable format. There should also be a filtering mechanisme where I in
> a module can raise an alarm with a alarm no etc, and in config decide what
> severity and processing this alarm will receive (Ignore, Log, SNMP, email
> etc). The issue is that many maintenance departments have big display boards
> where alarms with major or critical severity is shown. Some of this might
> already be in here?
> Jan

Its my understanding that you would be given some data, baed on the OID you
could tell what its related to.  I dont understand how it would be

Also, I think clarification is in order here.  There are two basic methods
for doing SNMP, traps where FreeSWITCH would send to some SNMP monitoring
agent and gets, where a client would poll FreeSWITCH for information.  It is
my understanding that traps are not currently supported, although my futher
understanding is that its desired they would be.

To get alarms in realtime you would likely want traps to be sent, so that
you can see them as they happen.  Polling via a SNMP get would work but you
dont always want to poll too frequently as it does cause some load however

As for logging, it would be on the SNMP module to decide what gets logged.
There is an eventing system already within  the core of FreeSWITCH that
would enable a SNMP module to monitor certain things.  This would be similar
to how the CDR modules work, except on other events.  It would be upto the
other modules to push events they think are desirable, such as a red alarm
on a pri line in mod_wanpipe.  The SNMP module would (presumably by
configuration file) see that event, decide its worthy to be sent out, and
send it.

It should not be configured for each module to say what to do with it, it
should instead be on the event omnitor modules such as SNMP to decide if
they want it.  So, you could have a module that wants critical events, and
would send an email, as well as an SNMP module that would fire a trap, and
whatever else, and they can all see the events as they happen.  This already
exists, its a matter of getting the modules to react to the events that is

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