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Mon Dec 3 11:55:31 EST 2007

Dear Mike:

Do you do any consulting?  I need to buy a few hours .... would something
like $100/hour do it?  Thanks.


> On Dec 3, 2007, at 12:32 AM, Jim Nighswonger wrote:
>> Gentlemen:
>> We are currently using freeswitch in Windows and made the SIP work
>> with our center.
>> Now we will be using SANGOMA as the channel instead of SIP. We cant
>> make it work and we get CHANNEL_NOT_IMPLEMENTED (SANGOMA CARD- A200).
>> Is there a possiblity that you could provide us a sample dialplan and
>> wanpipe.conf that works with A200.
>> We understand from Raul Ocampo that  ?  Zulich has done a large part
>> of the work for FreeSWITCH using WINDOWS, while we do not know if
>> that is correct we are looking for any assistance we might get.
>> Could one of you all provide us with some contact information for
>> him or can you provide some information on the above for us.
>> We have personnally sat down and talked to Doug Vilim at Sangoma
>> regarding our project using FreeSwitch with Windows in conjunction
>> with their SANGOMA cards.
>> We thank you in advance for any assistance or information you can
>> provide us.
>> Jim Nighswonger
> I have no idea who any of these people are.  If they have done any
> work on freeswitch windows either they have not contributed this back
> or have not made themselves known by those names.  There has been some
> work done on the windows tdmapi interface to the sangoma cards, but
> the work to finish integating this in openzap is incomplete.  If
> anyone who has already done work on this, please let me know.
> Mike
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