[Freeswitch-dev] Problem with sending Instant Messages

Alois Komenda alois.komenda at esk.fraunhofer.de
Mon Dec 3 08:20:57 EST 2007

sending IM (SIP MESSAGE) from one user to another through Freeswitch does not work for me.
I have traced the problem to this point now: the call of switch_core_hash_find() in sofia_glue_find_profile__() returns NULL.
Finally "Invalid Profile <IP of Freeswitch>" is diplayed on the console (among other data about the message).
What is the problem here?
Thanks in advance!
BTW: When originating a message from the console by the API command "chat" it seems to me that the protocol given as first argument is ignored and "dp" is inserted instead.
If this happens intentionally could you please explain to me why it is done this way.
Best regards

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