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My info regarding FreeRADIUS licensing was based on a previous posts. and
also on the info posted on their homepage - it says GPL, not LGPL. Anyway,
it was used as an example. Unless there are legal issues, I don't see a
problem if different standalone non-core modules are licensed differently.




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In the case of FreeRaidus, the library is LGPL, so there are no license
issues preventing us from using that that I can think of.  Finding a way for
freeswitch to be more compatible with the GPL is fine with me personally,
but not at the expense of making it not compatible with other libraries, for
example apache portable runtime is very integral with freeswitch, and we
have no control over the license.  Apache license is not compatible with the
GPL, (see http://www.gnu.org/licenses/license-list.html)  and due to the
viral nature of the GPL that requires the entire work as a whole to be
distributed as GPL if there are any modifications to GPL code, freeswitch
will be as a result incompatible with the GPL.  As for module that uses
freeswitch and GPL libraries being distributed by someone else, I don't
believe there is anything in the freeswitch licensing that would prohibit
something such as that.






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These licensing incompatibilities seem to be a big obstacle, because open
source project selection is not based on quality, but on license type.


For some, MPL is important, but for the most of us, I guess, MPL or GPL
makes no difference.


I had the same idea as Wasim's to start a new subproject FreeSwitch Modules
(Addons, Extras, etc), which could be GPL. The core and as much modules as
possible will still be MPL. It feels wrong that there's some good open
source stuff out there (for example, FreeRadius), which we can't integrate
with, just because of the licensing!


Nikolay Kolev



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