[Freeswitch-dev] Some questions [JB, EC, etc.]

Michael Jerris mike at jerris.com
Thu Oct 26 09:10:24 EDT 2006

Answered some bits inline

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> Hello,
> I'm thinking about using freeswitch as a core for a softphone and for
> this I would need to know some things.
> - Is there a plan to make a jitterbuffer for FS in foreseen future?
> - Is there a plan to make a software echo canceler (especially for
> mod_portaudio)? Packet-loss canceler?
> - Is it possible to use speex's echo cancelation?

Yes, but it is not implemented today.

> - Is there a plan to use the advanced features of the speex codec like
> VBR, quality?

Not plans, but discussions.

> - Is there a plan to move to speex-1.2beta1?

Yes, unless I don't get it done in time before the 1.2 release is
rolled.  I have been waiting for the codebase to calm down a bit and was
going to look at all the libs and see what needed new versions,
unfortunately the codebase has been very active for a few months running
now, so I have not done it yet.  Speex particularly the developer asked
us to try that versions and test it out, so it is at the top of the

> - RTCP for quality measurement?

None in there now, no reason it couldn't be added.  I would want a way
to disable this when not needed so it doesn't chew up the extra sockets.

> - Is it possible to compile everything into one binary file
> (elf/exe/etc.)?

Discussed, we have not attempted, this would take some rework in the
module loader, and we would need some sort of magic Macros to make this
"easy" to do.  I would love to see this, especially for embedded
platforms, it should allow us to more aggressively optimize the code as
well.  There are some licensing implications with all the LGPL code in
use (see the LGPL lic for details) but that is not a concern of mine, as
we already dist all the source-code anyways.

> - How to use sRTP?

I don't think we put the negotiation for this in sofia yet, you can
search to be sure, it was originally implemented in exosip before it was

> I know that those are not easy questions and the paypal button might
> help to accelerate, I'm just curious what are the plans, thoughts,

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