[Freeswitch-dev] Some questions [JB, EC, etc.]

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we have a jitter buffer in the core now libspeakup.  we have not enabled it yet but 
it will not be too hard.  the catch is that it was written to work with iax timestamps
so for rtp you need to convert them all.  The guy who made it said he may make a new version
so I have been sort of waiting.

The best track to follow is probably to look at re-writing mod_portaudio.

They have changed their api massively so in order to benifit from future improvements
we should look at using thier new code (esp if we want to work on mac right, so far the portaudio version we use cant operate any of the onboard devices on a mac only usb headsets and bluetooth headsets)

the rest is all possible with ecan being the hardest (for me anyway).

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I'm thinking about using freeswitch as a core for a softphone and for
this I would need to know some things.

- Is there a plan to make a jitterbuffer for FS in foreseen future?
- Is there a plan to make a software echo canceler (especially for
mod_portaudio)? Packet-loss canceler?
- Is it possible to use speex's echo cancelation?
- Is there a plan to use the advanced features of the speex codec like
VBR, quality?
- Is there a plan to move to speex-1.2beta1?
- RTCP for quality measurement?
- Is it possible to compile everything into one binary file (elf/exe/etc.)?
- How to use sRTP?

I know that those are not easy questions and the paypal button might
help to accelerate, I'm just curious what are the plans, thoughts, etc.

Thanks in advance,

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