[Freeswitch-dev] mod_spidermonkey bug

Mike Murdock mmurdock at coppercom.com
Mon Nov 13 22:53:03 EST 2006

There is definately a bug in the mod_spidermonkey.c garbage clenaup code. The symptoms are as follows.. 

Make 1 call from uac to simple javascript app that answers, plays a audio file (starwars.raw), and hangs up.
While call #1 going place a second call. Audio is heard on both uac's. Hang up call #1 and redial. Call gets answered but no audio is heard. Looks like the javascript applications gets called but execution is blocked.

MikeJ suggested I comment out the JS_SuspendRequest(cx), JS_ResumeRequest(cx, saveDepth) in session_execute, and JS_BeginRequest in js_parse_and_execute.

I then retested.. The problem previously described went away (as did the problem we where having with sipp Tony) but now FS seg faults after 40-50 calls to the javascript app.

--Mike Murdock

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