[Freeswitch-users] Dialplan not matching

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Don’t forget variables are expanded before the dialplan processing beings.


So for example


<action application=”set” data=”somevar=foo”/>

<action application=”bridge” data=”${somevar}”/>


This will fail as ${somevar} wasn’t set yet to be expanded. You can kinda shortcut this with setting inline=”true” where the vars are set or after all your vars are set  <action application=”transfer” data=”extension_number XML context”/> to make things reset and re-expand all the vars.


Not sure if that’s whats happening here, but the lack of a complete dialplan or extension makes me wonder.




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Hello all,


I have the following condition:


<action application="log" data="ERR UUID: ${uuid} = ${conference_name}"/>
<condition field="${cond(${uuid} == ${conference_name} ? YES : NO)}" expression="^YES$">


The log properly prints both variables:


mod_dptools.c:1879 UUID: 7d736b08-212b-4ac2-abb3-a5e738306fb5 = 7d736b08-212b-4ac2-abb3-a5e738306fb5


they're exactly the same, and still condition function fails:


Regex (FAIL) [conf_destination_recur_1] ${cond(${uuid} == ${conference_name} ? YES : NO)}(-ERR) =~ /^YES$/ break=on-false


I also tried a simple condition like


<condition field="${uuid}" expression="${conference_name}">


and still no match...



Thanks guys


David Villasmil

email: david.villasmil.work at gmail.com <mailto:david.villasmil.work at gmail.com> 

phone: +34669448337

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