[Freeswitch-users] Possible incorrectly routed BYE [probably user error]

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Sun May 17 23:19:17 UTC 2020

I have a situation where we are using FreeSWITCH to field calls through an
SBC, which hit an IVR on our FS box.  The SBC maintainer is reporting that
FreeSWITCH is not sending a BYE upon caller-initiated hangup.  The process

   - User calls
   - Routed through SBC
   - Our FS box answers and user progresses through IVR, eventually hanging
   - SBC does not receive BYE from FreeSWITCH, then 9-10 seconds later SBC
   sends BYE request due to timeout [not more media]

In the logs for a call I see the following:

> a16fead2-95b9-11ea-9904-671e76a847b4 2020-05-14 08:05:32.289018 [DEBUG]
mod_sofia.c:491 Sending BYE to sofia/external/+41798845230 at 10.8.x.x

however this address is _not_ the contact header address, and we never
detect any actual BYE message in the SIP logs associated with this.

About 10 seconds later we receive a BYE from the SBC via the original
contact header address (172.30.xx.xx for example), and everything is
finally wrapped up.

The BYE IP would NOT be publicly accessible.

Based on other similar messages and questions I am assuming that this is a
configuration issue somewhere on my part, but I am not certain as to where.

Thanks for any insights!
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