[Freeswitch-users] Variable issue for setting conference record via API?

Avi Marcus avi at avimarcus.net
Thu May 7 19:37:25 UTC 2020

I'm using javascript to trigger the conference API to record when the
moderator joins.

apiExecute("conference",argv[0] + " recording start

Those variables should be automatically expanded by FS, just like if it was
used in the dialplan?
But it seems they are being treated literally:

2020-05-07 19:25:36.609713 [ERR] mod_shout.c:893 Error opening
2020-05-07 19:25:36.609713 [ERR] conference_record.c:277 Error Opening File

Should I expand them myself? I was wondering about wrapping it in an eval,
but that would probably have the same issue. So running an API to get the
results of an eval first...

-Avi Marcus
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