[Freeswitch-users] English Sounds set, Male voice, provided Amazon's Polly TTS + Generator

Avi Marcus avi at avimarcus.net
Thu May 7 13:57:57 UTC 2020

I've generated a full set of US-English sounds using the voice Matthew,
with the fancy "neural" setting, for 16000 and 8000.

https://github.com/avimar/freeswitch-sounds-polly has install instructions.
Once you switch to a polly voice, you can use this script to generate new
prompts that instantly match the rest of your prompts.

I've tested with mod_say_en and it sounds decent. I think neural is
optimized for actual sentences, and not single words. So perhaps digits and
letters are best replaced with the more uniform Matthew-standard
(included). I'll try to test it more another time. Feedback welcome.

If people want 24000 I can generate as ogg and then convert with sox, I
guess? Polly doesn't support above 24000hz.

The script can read a .xml file but it's currently set a) to only do one
section at a time and b) to request pcm at 16000 and use sox to downsample
to 8000.

If someone wants to create other sets, you can grab the phrases file from
https://github.com/signalwire/freeswitch/tree/master/docs/phrase and pick a
voice from https://docs.aws.amazon.com/polly/latest/dg/voicelist.html (you'll
have to switch the XML/JSON importer, it defaults to english)

-There's neural voices available for English (British) (en-GB), Portuguese
(Brazilian) (pt-BR) (phrases
and US Spanish (es-US).

-There's regular voices available in lots of others languages, we have
phrases for these: German (de-DE), French (fr-FR), Portuguese (European)
(pt-PT), Russian (ru-RU), Chinese, Mandarin (cmn-CN).

Email me or file an issue if you need help.

-Avi Marcus
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