[Freeswitch-users] Noise on line, does not show up in recordings

Avi Marcus avi at avimarcus.net
Tue Jun 23 12:19:48 UTC 2020

Just thinking out loud:
If it's working locally, but not externally, that sounds like some sort of
networking issue.
But what do you mean by noise? Not garbly or dropped packets, but added

How are you listening to it, that's different than the recording? Are you
on the LAN or over the internet?
If you're on the WAN, it could be some sort of congestion.
If you're on the LAN, it could be an actual bug with a jitterbuffer or
something wrong with the network card/driver or local network.

Possible debugging step: get both a local and/or remote PCAP capture. That
will let us see the network part. Because the most local audio within
freeswitch you are finding fine as per the recordings.
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