[Freeswitch-users] Install on new Debian 10

Sean Devoy sdevoy at bizfocused.com
Wed Oct 2 19:44:17 UTC 2019

C –
Thanks for the education. I appreciate it.

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Sean --

Glad to hear your environment is working as expected.

I tried replicating the issue with DO's default Debian droplet and it went fine ... adopting FS's repo key was a non-issue. This got me thinking whether the IP pool your server is bound to may have been previously blocked (e.g https://lists.freeswitch.org/pipermail/freeswitch-users/2019-April/131716.html).

Everything should work out of the box if the repository is up and accessible as well as if the key is trusted; the latter can be tested by running:

apt-key list

You should see a record reading "FreeSWITCH Packaging Key" or so.

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