[Freeswitch-users] Music on hold still plays after answering a call by ESL Inbound from external Node script

David Villasmil david.villasmil.work at gmail.com
Mon May 27 10:19:52 UTC 2019

Glad we could “help” by being a sound board :)

On Mon, 27 May 2019 at 11:48, Euan Millar <euan at ensemblepourladifference.org>

> Ha ha!  As soon as I ask for help, I figured it out.  The answer was here:
> https://freeswitch.org/confluence/display/FREESWITCH/mod_event_socket
> "If you would like to handle incoming calls using inbound mode, you
> should add the *park* command to your dialplan. Otherwise the dialplan
> might complete executing before your client can send commands to the event
> socket."
> Thanks anyway and sorry to bother you.
> All the best,
> Euan
> On Mon, May 27, 2019 at 9:43 AM Euan Millar <
> euan at ensemblepourladifference.org> wrote:
>> Hello kind Freeswitch mailing group!
>> I am using ESL to control my calls entirely from a Node application.
>> I am using the 'modesl <https://github.com/englercj/node-esl>' package
>> to create an ESL connection and listen to the FS events
>> <https://freeswitch.org/confluence/display/FREESWITCH/Event+List> and
>> then answer a call if the number matches a dialplan I want to control using
>> the mod_command "uuid_answer."
>> However, when my script answers a call, the music on hold plays in the
>> background, even if I control the channel and am able to play other IVR
>> audio in the call. As soon as my desired IVR commands complete, the music
>> on hold returns in between, and it is quite annoying to hear small snippets
>> of music.  Eventually the call hangs up.
>> I am thinking that maybe the call has not actually been answered properly
>> and that FS thinks that it is in fact on hold, and eventually hangs up on
>> it, even though my script appears to have "answered" the call.
>> Can anyone shed any light on this?  I think that I am doing
>> something wrong.  I had tried to get an Outbound
>> <https://freeswitch.org/confluence/display/FREESWITCH/Event+Socket+Outbound>
>> connection to my Node script but it was receiving no events so didn't know
>> when to answer.  The only way I could detect and answer the call was by
>> using the Inbound approach to listen to events.
>> I would be very grateful if anyone could give me some advice on this if
>> you recognise my issue.
>> Kind regards,
>> Euan
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