[Freeswitch-users] Shared Lines not working on 1.8

Sean Devoy sdevoy at bizfocused.com
Wed May 15 14:56:20 UTC 2019


I just noticed that in "show registrations" the phone logged in to each extension is switching back and forth.  Perhaps there is something new about allowing multiple phones login to the same extension?


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I just switched a customer from our version 1.4 server to our 1.8 server.  They have 2 phones programmed with the same 3 shared extensions.  The only change made was the FQDN they login to.  In show registrations, I only see one login for each extension.  The status on the phones all say registered.  When called, only one of the 2 phones rings.

This customer is a restaurant whose employees can't handle "transfer", they insist on only using "hold" and pick up.
The phones are cisco, nat'ed and the server is not nat'ed.  The phones are configured for Shared lines as well.

This is sort of urgent.  Please help if you can.

Many thanks,

Sample User Dir entry:
    <user id="201">
        <variable name="outbound_caller_id_name" value="All About Lunch"/>
        <variable name="outbound_caller_id_number" value="4106671100"/>
        <variable name="internal_caller_id_name" value="A.A.L."/>
        <variable name="internal_caller_id_number" value="201"/>
        <variable name="user_context" value="from-internal-AAL"/>
        <variable name="accountcode" value="AAL"/>
        <variable name="callgroup" value="1"/>
        <variable name="sip-force-contact" value="NDLB-connectile-dysfunction"/>
        <param name="manage-shared-appearance" value="true" />
        <param name="multiple-registrations" value="true"/>

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