[Freeswitch-users] How to use originate command call to number and then bridge to call center module

Matthew Grooms matthew at brightfire.net
Wed Sep 5 15:50:32 UTC 2018

On 9/4/2018 8:24 PM, Do Nguyen Ha wrote:
> thank you for sharing your experience
> my goal is simple auto calling from esl to a list of numbers(callers) 
> when callers answer phone and then i will bridge to callcenter module
> to check the callers answer or not of originate command, i use the 
> event-name "BACKGROUND_JOB". the message body to check is "_body": 

I believe those are based on the SIP response codes. You should check 
out the commercial AMD module which will help you detect if you've 
reached a human or a machine ...


> to check the callers is answered by the agents of callcenter i use the 
> event-name "CUSTOM" and event-nameĀ  "bridge-agent-start"
> that is my dial manger logic
> is there any suggestion

Sounds like your on the right path. But in my experience, dialer logic 
has less to do with overcoming technical challenges and more to do with 
adhering to the legal requirements associated with outbound dialing.


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