[Freeswitch-users] Using lcr in lua session and fail_on_single_reject problem

Mimiko vbvbrj at gmail.com
Wed Apr 4 08:10:42 UTC 2018

Any idea?

> Hello.
> I want to originate a call using lcr from lua script:
> freeswitch.Session("{ignore_early_media=true,originate_timeout=15,fail_on_single_reject=^^:NO_ANSWER:CALL_REJECTED:NORMAL_CLEARING:USER_BUSY}lcr/default/"..number) 
> Using this command, originate_timeout is not taken into account and all routes are tried regardless of response reason, for example NO_ANSWER.
> If I remove fail_on_single_reject, then originate_timeout works but same problem: all routes are tried, except when the call was answered.
> In diaplan
> <action application="lcr" data="${destination_number} default"/>
> <action application="bridge" data="{fail_on_single_reject=^^:NO_ANSWER:CALL_REJECTED:NORMAL_CLEARING:USER_BUSY}${lcr_auto_route}"/>
> this works fine. Maybe its due to using bridge, not lcr directly. But in lua ${lcr_auto_route} variable is not available. Any suggestion?
> FreeSWITCH Version 1.5.6b+git~20130928T022323Z~6b9382290d (git 6b93822 2013-09-28 02:23:23Z)
> Yes, it is old, but can't update at this time.

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