[Freeswitch-users] mod_verto error when using Postgres DSN - no such table: json_store

Michael Avers michael at mailworks.org
Wed Apr 4 07:16:45 UTC 2018


I'm using Postgres in the core and everywhere else. Relevant modules
such as callcenter, fifo, etc. all have the ODBC defined and working
with the tables just fine.
The only issue is Verto - I have json_store table in Postgres but Verto
doesn't appear to be accessing it at all whenever mod_verto is loaded or
reloaded. Getting this error:
2018-04-04 07:05:31.695917 [CONSOLE] switch_loadable_module.c:2034
mod_verto unloaded.*2018-04-04 07:05:31.695917 [ERR] switch_core_sqldb.c:587 NATIVE SQL ERR
[no such table: json_store]** **select name from json_store where name=''*
2018-04-04 07:05:31.695917 [INFO] mod_verto.c:4749 Secure key and
cert specified
It says no such table because I did not have the sqlite json.db file,
but after I put it back in it's able to read from it. So clearly it
looks like it's not even trying to access json_store in the Postgres DB.
I even added a <param name="odbc-dsn".. to verto.conf.xml even though
it's not documented anywhere, still no luck.
Any ideas? Is mod_verto not able to access the table when using
FYI this is on latest master and also 1.6.20 production release

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