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And as usual I got interrupted and clicked send before finishing a thought… (sorry about that but it helps demonstrate our time constraints)


But following up my earlier comments 



Now that being said you can review the freeswitch.spec file in the root of the source tree or the Debian packaging files in the debian dir also in the source tree to get a list of build deps and if min versions are required what those are.


Things without version numbering in those files are that way due to the current versions in the appropriate Distros being sufficient and Distros typically do not change APIs once theyhave released a  version (or on minor versions upgrades)_




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I haven't used or built Freeswitch yet, but I'm getting closer to that point.  I will be building from source.  Having looked at the documentation I can see that Debian is preferred, and the use of distros in general.  However, I don't use distros, but rather build my own systems from scratch.

I've looked at the Centos page ( https://freeswitch.org/confluence/display/FREESWITCH/CentOS+7+and+RHEL+7 ) and under "Building from source" there appears to be a list of dependencies.  I already have most of those dependencies installed (other than the codecs) but I have three questions which maybe somebody can answer.

The first is: can openssl be substituted with libressl, which I use?

The second is: "mongo-c-driver-devel" suggests that mongodb is a dependency of Freeswitch.  I've seen no mention of mongodb anywhere in either the book, or the documentation generally, so why is this listed as a dependency?

The third is: there is no mention of package version numbers anywhere, so how can I find if there are any issues with particular versions?


Any help gratefully received.


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