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To partially address some of your questions.


1.	The reason we recommend specific distros as it ends up being a known quantity from a supportability stand point. This means that we test builds on those distros with what they provide as versions for system supplied packages. We highly recommend Debian8 for the least pain as that is where primary development and bug fixes occur and from there they are ported to address any differences in what other systems support. Use of distros in general are encouraged for this reason. The one off support for a custom rolled system is beyond the capabilities of the project to effectively support with our small team.
2.	As far as libressl vs openssl. I don’t know of anyone actually testing this to see if it will work or not. We specifically test against versions of OpenSSL. The later versions of OpenSSL are required due not only to the security concerns you are trying to address with LibreSSL, but due to newer encryption technologies being included in the later versions of OpenSSL that may or may not be included in LibreSSL. (again this comes down to supporting what is available and most widely used on the supported distributions.)
3.	As far as mongo-c-driver-devel, you will find that there are several dependancies like that may or may not be required for you to build FreeSWITCH depending on which modules available that you may want to build. While some of the deps are required to build the core (such as sqlite et al), however others are only required if you plan on building a module that requires them such as mod_mongo. Other examples are mod_flite, mod_cepstral, mod_hiredis, mod_osp and mod_ladspa. (mod_ladspa itself is an example of a module that only works on Linux unless someone gotten around to porting this linux specific interface over to Windows and possible some of the BSDs)

Now that being said you can review the 



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I haven't used or built Freeswitch yet, but I'm getting closer to that point.  I will be building from source.  Having looked at the documentation I can see that Debian is preferred, and the use of distros in general.  However, I don't use distros, but rather build my own systems from scratch.

I've looked at the Centos page ( https://freeswitch.org/confluence/display/FREESWITCH/CentOS+7+and+RHEL+7 ) and under "Building from source" there appears to be a list of dependencies.  I already have most of those dependencies installed (other than the codecs) but I have three questions which maybe somebody can answer.

The first is: can openssl be substituted with libressl, which I use?

The second is: "mongo-c-driver-devel" suggests that mongodb is a dependency of Freeswitch.  I've seen no mention of mongodb anywhere in either the book, or the documentation generally, so why is this listed as a dependency?

The third is: there is no mention of package version numbers anywhere, so how can I find if there are any issues with particular versions?


Any help gratefully received.


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