[Freeswitch-users] communication probelm with Freeswitch through ESL

Deepika Yadav deepikay at iiitd.ac.in
Wed Apr 12 13:51:01 MSD 2017


I am not bale to communicate with Freeswith over ESL:

When I run the following program:

import ESL

con = ESL.ESLconnection('localhost', '8021', 'ClueCon')

if con.connected:
    con.events('plain', 'ALL')
    while 1:
        e = con.recvEvent()
        if e:
            print e.serialize()

I get output as :


similarly, If I run any command using "con.api("originate
sofia/gateway/MySIP/XXXX &park")", the events do not get fired.

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