[Freeswitch-users] Can't get rtcp to work...

Allan Kristensen ak at hejdu.dk
Sat May 21 21:13:07 MSD 2016


I've recently moved from Asterisk to Freeswitch and I'm trying to setup a
FS on a cloud solution. I have mixed results from previous projects with
Asterisk on cloud servers, but this one is just going to proxy media, so
I'll give it a shot ;-)

I'm going to log the rtcp stats into the cdr, so I can be sure things are
ok, but most of the rtcp related stats all contain "0" and mos score 4.5
(even if I randomly drop rtp packets for a couple of seconds to simulate
packet loss... not good).

The client uses an asterisk, which is sending rtcp reciever reports to FS,
however FS is not listening on the rtcp port at all (rtp port +1) and
server just sends back icmp unreach. (it's not muxed into the rtp) Also FS
is not sending rtcp packets, from what I can see, so I suspect rtcp is
somehow not enabled for the channel / session at all.

I've added the "rtcp-audio-interval-msec" to the sip profile, so it should
work, but it's not..
I've checked the source and even enabled the RTCP_DEBUG in the source to
get a clue, but no help there.

Asterisk is not actually adding anything about rtcp to the sdp, but is that
really needed to get the rtcp working?
I'm not using ICE or anything, just a simple setup for this.

Is there any way to see if FS is disabling the rtcp feature and if so, why?

Any ideas on what can be done to get things working? ;-)

Thank you and have a excellent day!
/ Allan
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