[Freeswitch-users] How to receive incoming calls from Huawei dongle and mod_gsmopen?

Gabriel MdS gabriel at cefet.net
Sun May 15 23:56:43 MSD 2016


I'm a newbie trying to setup FreeSWITCH with FusionPBX and mod_gsmopen. I'm
using the 32bit version in Windows 7, compiled from current source (version
1.7) in Visual Studio 2015 Community.

My Huawei dongle is E1756, unlocked and with voice calls enabled.

Currently I am able to call my IVR menu directly by dialing from my
softphone and I am also able to originate outbound calls after adding a
rule using FusionPbx Dialplan Manager.

However if I try to call the dongle it keeps ringing, not being answered
and no log is displayed in console. My gsmopen.conf.xml file has the
following lines:

<param name="context" value="public"/>
<param name="destination" value="incoming_gsm_call"/>

And I've set a new dialplan in fusionpbx rule with:

condition > context > public
condition > destination_number > incoming_gsm_call
action > transfer > 500 XML default (500 being the main IVR menu extension)

Am I missing something to get this working or maybe there is some setting
wrong with my dongle?

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