[Freeswitch-users] Using freeswitch as Generic SIP SBC/RtpProxy without predefined endpoints

Daniel dandenson at gmail.com
Sat May 14 00:30:11 MSD 2016

> All examples I've found on freeswitch SBC config, has predefined
> gateways/trunks/proxies as "predefined next-hops", and I want the SBC to be
> able to send anywhere, depending on custom application logic.
> I'd stick with kamailio/rtp-proxy and the standard topology-hiding module,
> but unfortunately I need the full topology hiding of a b2bua.
> Is this easily achievable with Freeswitch?

I need exactly what Taisto Qvist wants.  A very simple b2bua I can configure 
my phones to use as a proxy.  I need to be able to transcode between codecs 
but without pre-defining extensions etc..

There are just soooo many configuration examples online doing something ever 
so slightly different, cant sort out how and if its possible

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