[Freeswitch-users] Hangup Cause for a ringing destination leg

Daniel Schäfer schaefer at vh-s.de
Mon Jul 25 14:14:14 MSD 2016

Dear Freeswitch Users and Developers,
I'm a bit desperate. I googled and tried multiple days last weeks and I
can't find a solution for my (hopefully simple) problem:
In short: how do I set the hangup cause for a ringing destination leg?

Long story:
I'm struggling to get a certain call-group behaviour:

Incoming call --> freeswitch --> User A & [delayed] Group A

Group A is meant to be something like a Hunt Group, so that the incoming
call can be answered by someone else if User A is not available.
It is not for sure that someone on Group A will answer the incoming call.
I want to record the missed call only to User A.

My main struggling point:
If the Incoming call is aborted, the call log of User A and of all
members of Group A is set to a missed call.
And depending on my differently attempted implementations I can also
have two missed calls for User A (one from initial ringing, one from
group ringing).

So I thought that I need to modify the hangup cause, but I can't get it
working at all (I can modify the hangup cause for the Incoming call only).

Could you point me to the right wording and directions?

I thought I'll need two bridges:

1. bridge for User A, onetimeout set hangup cause for the destination leg
2. bridge for User A and Group A, onetimeout set hangup causes for
destination legs

But how do I do the hangup cause for ringing destination leg?

Best Regards
Daniel Schäfer

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